Your Small Business Simply Will Not Thrive Without a Website…Here’s 7 Reasons Why….

Let’s face it…today’s generation has only lived, breathed and known the digital world of connection. According to statistics approximately 60% of the population is online and unfortunately without a credible web presence your company will dissipate into the dust. Don’t be the business that gets left behind.

Still not convinced? Allow me to shed some light by giving you the true and hard facts as to why your business (no matter how big, or small) NEEDS a website. Sit back, grab a coffee and engage and I will explain the reasons why. This article will only take a few short minutes to read (I recognise the busy life of an entrepreneur so I will keep this short, sweet and directly to the point!).

1.       Business ‘Cred’ (credibility that is) – Once a potential buyer attempts to search a business website and comes to find out that one doesn’t exist the credibility of the company often goes out the window. However, once a business has a well-designed website it often generates an emotion of instant credibility…it’s just that simple!

2.       Saves you Stacks of Money – I can’t tell you how many times I hear people say I can’t afford a website yet they spend loads of money annually on old-fashioned advertising techniques that don’t work in today’s digital age! Business owners often think they can’t possibly pay for a website but the truth is a well-designed website is the best marketing tool there is. Once you master social media tactics to drive traffic to your site a web page may likely be the only marketing tool you need to make your business soar to new heights.

3.       Information, Information & More Information – A website is the best way to keep your customers informed. Recall that print ad you spent money on to advertise your business? Well chances are your new promotions, products and upcoming events aren’t on it right? That’s because print ads simply don’t offer you the same flexibility to make updates as a website design can.

4.       Wider Fish Net – A website can provide an additional mechanism to sell your products and services and ultimately reach a broader audience. Integrating the option to buy and sell on your website…well now you’re in business! This can take your company from a local small business operation to an international success.

5.       Shows What Your Made Of – Every business owner loves to show off what they’re really made of, and rightfully so. Having a website allows you to do just that by allowing you to showcase your latest work in order to entice your buyers. It is also an amazing way to display testimonials from satisfied customers who love the products and services you provide which helps to generate the buzz your company needs to draw in more customers.

6.       Impeccable Customer Service – Imagine being able to engage with your customers instantly via a pop-up window on your website, or being able to easily provide your clientele with relevant articles or newsletter content. Well a website provides you this option in one centralized place. You can advise your customers of new products, promotions, events etc…

7.       Leave Your Competitors in the Dust – Once you build a strong online presence your competitors begin to see you as a potential threat because they recognize the power a great website brings to your business. The sooner you get a website that surpasses your competitors, the faster you will be able to enter the race and successfully destroy your competition. Ready, Set, GO….

Don’t Be Left Behind In The Digital Dust. Your Media Can Help you Grow Your Online Website Presence!

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