Ultimate Guide For Lawyers: How to Get Tons of New Clients Instantly

One of the biggest challenges that lawyers face today relates to securing a consistent flow of new clients.  However, the good news is that despite being faced with this challenge there are a number of great techniques that can help you tap into your prospecting potential.

Although law school has been somewhat known to fail lawyers in cultivating their business development skills, there are a number of proven strategies that have been tried, tested and publicized that will help you gain tons of new business for your law firm.


Never Underestimate the Unusual Prospect

Never underestimate the power of every single person you cross paths with. Most lawyers don’t consider the people they come across on a daily basis as the type of person that may need their legal services, which simply is not the case. In addition, they fail to understand that the people they encounter on a daily basis may know someone that needs legal advice and this represents a world of opportunity. It is critical that you position yourself to your friends, relatives, ex-coworkers, former school mates and even your local mom and pops shops as a lawyer who is always willing and eager to offer their legal assistance.


The Lawyer Buddy System

It is a lucrative practice to cultivate a referral relationship with other lawyers who practice in an area of law outside of your areas of expertise. Once you have established this relationship you can begin to provide referrals, and by doing so you can expect to get referrals in return. Once both parties commit to consistently referring business to one another, it is a good practice for both parties to track how many referrals they have provided vs how many they have received.  This will hold both sides accountable and keep the referral channel flowing.


Client Referral Funnel

You have heard the saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ right? Well this saying definitely reigns true. The more you can interact with your past clients the more they will remember you and the more referrals they will be willing to direct your way. Sending a monthly newsletter or blog containing information that your clients will find valuable is a great ways to keep in touch. Also, sending direct mail also proves to be very useful (i.e. seasonal greeting cards, birthday cards, an excerpt from an article you’ve written, a client success story etc.). Having constant reminders of your firm really helps to keep your clients thinking of you and your firm, and will make them more likely to refer others to your services.


Present Outside the Courtroom (Public Presentations)

Delivering presentations, seminars or training programs in your local community is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and establish your presence in your field. Once you start holding public discussions that are delivered in a passionate and informative manner people will immediately see you as an expert and start seeking you for advice. This will pay huge dividends for your law practice. It can be a challenge for individuals to find a good lawyer, but if you have cultivated a relationship with them in a meaningful way they are likely to want to hire you.




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