How to Find the Inner Fighter In You And Keep Pushing!!! …6 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Stay Driven to Succeed

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Glad you stopped by. Pull up a chair and get settled in because these stats will surprise you. DID YOU KNOW:
Michael Jordan -Missed OVER 9000 shots in his NBA career and lost a whopping 300 games!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kobe Bryant – BROKE the record for the most amount of missed shots in the NBA; 13,766  missed attempts !!!!!!
Lebron James – LOST an astonishing 10 NBA titles in 12 seasons!!!!!!!!!

I really want you to OPEN YOUR EYES about what these stats truly mean here! Allow it to sink into your mind and SHAKE your inner core. Don’t just read the words on this page…take it in like that first breath of fresh air after feeling like you’ve been suffocating for so long! Feel good don’t it?EVEN THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME TRY AND MISS THE MARK (why do you think you would you be any different?), BUT WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL IS THE ABILITY TO GET UP AND KEEP ON FIGHTING!!!….and so should you.GAURANTEED there will be times when as an entrepreneur things may not be going as planned and you feel like saying “I’m just going to give up, I’m just going to throw in the towel, I’m just going to quit,’ but I’m telling you if this is your passion, if this is what you feel like you were put on this earth to do…KEEP PUSHING, KEEP STRIVING & KEEP MOVING!!!…

Get your note pads out folks because here are some motivational commandments that will ignite you into greatness, particularly if you feeling the shadow of defeat:

1. Have a “this too shall pass” attitude — Do you really think that it can rain forever?…NO…after the storm the clouds begin to part, the sun begins to shine, and a rainbow of light illuminates the sky! Every test and every trial is only for a season so when times get tough and you want to quit remember that the storm will pass, your hardships will fade…and there is an amazing reward for your unrelenting perseverance just beyond that colored rainbow!!!

2. Avoid the Haters – Often times there will be naysayers or what I like to refer to as ‘haters’ in your midst who will do everything in their power to drag you into the mud with them, and discourage you from accomplishing your dreams. Distance yourself from these dream crushers as much as you can and cultivate an atmosphere of 100% positivity. Refuse toxic energy into your life, and invite upbeat, encouraging and optimistic people that inspire you to be extraordinary.

3. Be Careful What You Speak – There is tremendous POWER in the tongue and when you’re feeling discouraged this is EXACTLY when you begin to fall into the trap of speaking terrible things into your life. But I’m here to tell you never, EVER utter a bad word about yourself or your business again or this is exactly what will become of YOU and your COMPANY. Get up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and begin to tell yourself ‘I am great, my business will succeed, I refuse to quit!!!…heck, you can even throw in a ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ if it makes you feel better!…lol

4. Jump Start Your Day with a Motivational Video – If you start your day with negatively it will most likely end with negativity, but if you start your day with a motivational video that gets you HYPE and ready to ‘jump up, jump up and GET DOWN’(I couldn’t resist throwing this in for a visual effect…lol) you’re more likely to accomplish above and beyond what you expected (my suggestion is to search motivational videos on Youtube and find speakers that inspire you).

5.Visualize and Materialize Your Goals – Before you go to bed I want you to write down your business, or personal goals on a piece of paper (doesn’t matter what it is) and then close your eyes and visualize THEM! This will get you excited about your life and what great things are to come. What better way to fall asleep then to picture your goals, and then wake up AMPED to go out there and MURDER your goals!

6.Keep Propelling Forward – When you continue to move (it doesn’t necessarily matter how small the movement is) you feel a sense of accomplishment which breeds hope, life and optimism. In the words of the all inspiring Martin Luther King ‘If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.”

I’ll Leave You With This Inspirational Video Clip. If This Doesn’t Motivate You, I Don’t Know What Will! Thanks for Tuning In And Don’t Forget To Keep PUSHING!

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