Avoid The No Show

It really doesn’t matter what kind of business you have I can guarantee you’ve missed appointments. When I say, “missed appointments” I don’t mean you were running late or that you simply forgot, but that your client didn’t show up.  When things like this occur, hopefully it happens at the office because sitting at a table for two in a Starbucks during happy hour with a laptop and contract papers in your hands creates a lame setting.

How do scenes like this get created?  If you were to ask me I would say there was a lack of accountability.  The client is to be blamed for this, right?  Your watch worked perfectly fine and you were able to arrive with 10 minutes to spare. You probably know where I’m going with this but I have to let you know, It’s your fault that your client did not show up.

It’s Your Fault

The infamous no show appointments are embarrassing but can be reduced if not completely eliminated.   So dear lonely Starbucks appointment waiting, laptop holding, 1 seat sitting at a table for two business owner, this is what you need to do.

Give The Power Back To Your Client

A few years ago I saw a friend of mine speaking with a lady in the parking lot of the gym I was attending.  I could tell she looked a little uncomfortable and I’m sure he noticed as well but he was persistent. He then pulled out his phone and began entering her number.  She went to her car and he walked over with a grin.  I could foresee our future conversation regarding the situation before it happened.  Then it happened “I think I took her number down wrong.” he said.  However; I knew she only gave a bunch of numbers so that she could be FREED.

How many times have you asked a potential client if they wanted to book time to sit down with you hoping to solidify a date on the spot.  Did you stop to consider…

  • Perhaps this human has a life and may need to check their schedule
  • Maybe they do not know enough about your business to want to commit their time
  • They may not be the decision maker to make the purchase

The Resolve:

I have found that entrepreneurs and small businesses that have implemented booking systems on their websites have increased appointments and client satisfaction. If my friend in the parking lot of the gym was not so forward perhaps he could have enjoyed conversation or two at the gym they both attended but the end result was that he felt the need to avoid her after he got the fake number followed by switching locations the two weeks later (although he claims this is not why he switched locations).

Implementing a booking system Into Your Website:

  • Allows your potential clients to take the time to book a most favorable time for them
  • Ensures they see your website which should communicate what you have to offer, and how you will be able to help them and perhaps pricing.
  • Integrating a booking system also qualifies your leads because you know that if they made the action of booking on their own they must be interested.


Calendar Integration

  • Ensure that the booking system you use integrates with a calendar.  Do to the rich API’s for Google services most should fit seamlessly with Google Calendar  This will ensure that you can avoid having to monitor the system for double bookings.

Ability To List Services

  • Having the ability to list individual services that you want to offer such as consultations, or pre-project discussions provides a great opportunity to itemize your offerings for your clients.  
  • Allows clients to know exactly what they will discussing.This removes the fear of lack of expectations away from your potential client.

List Employees Or Staff

  • Booking online to a central calendar allows better team management among all staff members.
  • Let’s clients select the staff member of their choosing.

Set Charge Prior To Confirming Booking

  • The ability to make sure payment is received prior to setting appointments is a great feature that increases revenue and virtually eliminates no shows.

If you don’t want to be like the guy at the gym or the bar that forces the ladies to provide their digits with no previous background history, only to be a ‘no show’ in the ‘meeting’ department, then you should consider implementing a booking system into your website.


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